Steve Pentland RCI Livestream GNEX 2017

RCI LiveStream wins Best Innovation Award at GNEX

RCI LiveStream, jointly developed by Generator Systems and RCI, has won the Perspective Magazine Award for Best Innovation at the 2017 GNEX Convention in San Francisco.

A highly dynamic, interactive, next-generation sales and service tool RCI LiveStream leverages new technology by connecting prospects and owners to the benefits of timeshare ownership and exchange in a transformational way.

This is achieved through video telephony, allowing clients to facilitate multi-dimensional communication and collaboration in real time. Think of FaceTime on steroids with the tool devised exclusively for timeshare.

No need to bring your prospects to tour your resort – you can take your resort to them in the comfort of their living room. The RCI LiveStream tool is an interactive face-to-face design with functionality that includes:  customizable modules, drag/drop features, shared notepads and “scribble” pads, text to chat, image and video sharing, payment gateways, electronic signature, connectivity to back office systems, document uploading/downloading, as well as user administration and content management systems to add/delete/update content and reporting of site metrics (i.e. page visits, unique customer ID’s, page views, time and duration per page view, and more).

Icons and a quick access toolbar provide resort team members with comfortable and easy ways engage customers.  Utilizing offstage content (features not visible to the consumer), sales associates use touch screen technology to drag and drop relevant content into their audiences’ screen (i.e. “on stage”), allowing arguably greater flexibility and control than an in-person interaction.

Utilizing the extensive features of RCI LiveStream, affiliates build their sales and/or service content in various digital formats (e.g. electronic files, images, videos, etc.) and host it on a secured instance of the platform created specifically for their use.  Via a standard internet connection, a resort team member then utilizes a computer to connect with a customer on their own computer or tablet.  This can be done anytime, anywhere, removing many of the limits of the traditional sales floor and operations centre.

Through this capability, the ultimate goal of RCI LiveStream is to expand affiliates’ reach with prospective and current owners to conduct core business.  These activities can range from selling and making account upgrades to educating consumers on the benefits of timeshare, and even providing day-to-day customer services.  A broader list of uses includes:

  • Conducting new sales
  • Re-engaging ‘Tour No Buys’
  • Consolidating deals in a cooling off period
  • Selling upgrades
  • Teeing up member on-site pitches
  • Selling fly-buys and certificates
  • Generating referrals
  • Selling off-season in seasonal resorts
  • Collecting maintenance fees
  • Conducting new member welcome calls
  • Facilitating Weeks to Points conversions
  • Helping reduce rescissions
  • Providing general customer service to current owners
  • Visit the prospect or owner’s home via computer links armed with visuals that excite and generate positive responses
  • Pitch face-to-face online
  • Run their sales force from anywhere
  • See customer information onscreen
  • Share videos, digital photos, presentation slides, etc.
  • Create one-on-one trust through instant question and answer sessions
  • Increase the number and profitability of contacts per day
  • Ensure that the messages are consistent and conform to company policy
  • Receive back-up sales support for sales teams facing negative responses

For those using the tool, RCI LiveStream delivers many payoffs.  Customers feel as connected as an in-person experience, all participants have greater flexibility and affiliates enjoy sales, marketing and operating efficiencies. New generations of timeshare owners are seeing that the industry is advanced and adaptable, meeting their expectations as a consumer.

Plain and simple, instant and direct contact brings faster returns. The fact that a consumer can connect in real time via the RCI LiveStream platform, while having the benefit of face-to-face contact and communication at the touch of a button, is priceless. This revolutionary interactive web-based program connects an affiliates sales and member services teams with clients for online conversations designed to produce instant results.

Mike Ashton, SVP Sales and Marketing at Generator Systems added: “There is simply nothing like this available in the marketplace today that has been developed specifically for the timeshare industry. Already in use by some of the industry’s leading names including RCI, Hilton, Club Exploria and a host of familiar brands RCI LiveStream creates a paradigm shift from the normal day-to-day communication techniques used in the industry. RCI LiveStream brings the affiliates team member directly into the house of the prospect or owner, without ever leaving their desk.”