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Testimonial from Juan Barillas

Testimonial from Jeff Tymkow

Testimonial from Jack Chevrier

“I have had the pleasure of working with Generator since its inception and applying it across sales decks in three different countries and sales demographics and find it to be an invaluable tool in helping modernize and professionalize sales processes. I have found it also led to steady increases in production due to its stabilization of process execution and useful analytics. Great product and agreat team to work with…highly recommended!” Dean F.D. Lane, VP Sales & Marketing, Cranberry Resorts

“Generator is fabulous for training purposes and provides a visual way of keeping the sales process intact. The greatest part is that our Generator system never takes a break.  The sales rep may have a bad day or an off day, but the Generator system never does.  This helps keep our sales reps consistent.  And the new tool, Live View, gives the managers floor awareness like never before.” Edison (Frankie) Perez, Director of Training, Exploria

Edison Perez testimonial Generator Systems

“Generator provides a platform that delivers a more effective presentation in less time with better results. Its ability to awaken emotions and desire is second to none.  And the metrics system helps us train our sales staff in a way we’ve never been able to before.”  Enrique Gutierrez, Sales Director, The Reef

Enrique Gutierrez testimonial Generator Systems

Sales has evolved, fact!

This new tool helps me sizzle, really builds credibility and it’s a lot of fun! Coming into this business as a carpenter my spelling is rubbish but my maths is great so using Generator has helped plug the holes and build my credibility.

I have been selling for years — I am so old fashioned I don’t even know how to use my Iphone! I find Generator so easy to use and it’s a great visual aid for building value and credibility for our product, I have been converted!

Timeshare sales

Using Generator enables me to build credibility and portray a more professional image of the company enabling me to sell 3 out of 5 presentations this week, I am very happy! The videos particularly are very powerful and build a lot of trust.

From a management perspective, Generator makes sure all our reps include all the essential components of their presentation so our message is delivered clearly every time. Great graphics!

I am a gadget person, I have been in this business a long time and this brings the facts alive, seeing is believing.


Raises credibility and minimalizes human error.

Having just started here Generator eliminates the guess work enabling me to focus on my clients rather than worry about missing the next step.

Generator really helped me sizzle and I love the price comparison.

Generator Systems testimonial

I particularly like the way it shows the savings clients can achieve with ownership

The videos are very powerful and my clients love it. The points guys are cute and funny!

Love the financial logic, I am not a mathematician and showing clients figures on the device has a lot of impact.

Generator Systems testimonial

Company Credibility is awesome! The graphics have great impact. The product explanation is easy to understand and very entertaining. Its yew refreshing to see the prospects instantly captivated.

Retains clients attention as involves them much more. Relaxes them into our time together

Many clients have been on presentations before and introducing them to our company through Generator grabs their attention, keeps them excited and makes us different from the rest.

“An effective tool, the videos make it very easy to sizzle and engage clients. I love the visual way of showing money saved through ownership.”

The price comparison has great impact, opening the client’s eyes to what they are currently spending. Video tours and great pictures are very impactful.

I am an experienced rep so resistant to change. Within the first week of using Generator I closed at 67%, so I am very happy and completely converted!”

Generator Systems testimonial

I wish I had Presenter before, I must have missed lots of sales.

The system is the best thing I’ve seen in sales, ever. You know, we’ve tried evelything, we’ve been everywhere and there’s not an avenue in marketing we haven’t explored. This is absolutely the best.

Generator in my opinion really understand the process of making the sale and are more than willing to work with you to tailor it to your needs.

The whole company’s taken (it) on board with great enthusiasm – we can’t stop talking about it. The first time we introduced it, the staff wouldn’t go home. All they wanted to do was sit in the club-house and talk al1 night about Generator and what they were going to do.

I’m extremely excited about the technology and where it’s going. I think it will do nothing but help raise closing percentages and ultimately generate profit to the bottom line for developers.
It saves me hours of time when I am training my new team members.

I think that the multi-media they have for presenting first time sales or upgrades is superb, every sales person’s dream. It really hits the points home but not by a salesman scenario and it is light-hearted about it. It is customer friendly, fun and very interactive and gives a much more manageable standard presentation without appearing so.

Generator Systems testimonial

Presenter enables new members to be professionals from Day 1.

With the iPad a sales representative is able to do away with c bersome imposing sales presenters and instead instil a sense of modem professionalism with the customer. Films, pictures, text and diagrams are all just a tap or a swipe away and the interaction is much more effective in engaging a customer and retaining their interest.

The quality is superb. I mean we have wonderful presentation equipment and also the back-up of Generator who are constantly improving our system. And you can rely on that to give you the answers which is what the clients want, they want the answers and it’s the best way to give it.

I’ve never seen anything like it and we’ve attended several sales presentations! The films were outstanding. It was truly an entertaining experience.

Generator is fantastic. I’m as entertained presenting the information as my client is receiving it.

Selling systems are truly the future of the industry. The most dynamic sales representatives cannot reproduce the emotions experienced by the customer when interacting with the Generator Sales system. It serves as a sales training device for the beginner and the most powerful tool I’ve ever seen in the hands of a top producer.

Generator Systems testimonials

Showing the energy and credibility of the senior management team brings our business to life.

To date since its launch the feedback regarding the iPad app from customers has been vastly positive with the recurring opinion that using the iPad sets us apart from the competition and leaves an impression of professionalism both of the representative and the company.

A recent analysis highlighted that those using the iPad during sales presentations had higher rates of sales conversion, meaning more business for the company and more commission for the sales person.

If we put two percentage points on our net close rate we double our net profit for the year. How can we afford not to spend such a small proportion of revenue to potentially achieve this.

Sincere thanks to the team for their professional, entertaining and informative training sessions and their absolutely tireless help and assistance in getting everything coordinated. With the massive impact it brings to our presentations, Generator will be of tremendous help in increasing credibility and sales for our future growth and prosperity.

I would like to personally thank the team and let you know they were incredible in the process of getting the new version of Generator to where it needed to be. They worked very hard and did an exceptional job. We were most impressed with their knowledge and tireless energy.

The deck’s on fire! People love it, they’re interested, they’ve never been so interested in the tour — it makes our guys look very, very good.

Generator Systems testimonials

They were bowled over absolutely and said, my god, what a superb system – big congrats to your team.

Everyone is using Generator and they all love it.

Generator makes a novice look like a professional.

It really gets the point home but not by the usual salesman scenario, it’s light-hearted, customer friendly, fun and very interactive and gives a much more manageable standard presentation without appearing to do so.

Generator Systems testimonial

We are able to update the presenters more regularly with more interesting content and are constantly seeking to provide more useful content to aid in the conversion of sales – and it shows.

With over 700 sales personnel and 5 different printed presenters replacing page costs can quickly add up both for the business and for the environment given the amount of paper required.

Progress is what keeps us at the top of our game, ahead of the competition and leaders of the home improvements industry. The introduction of the iPad application is testament of our desire to provide the sales force with the best materials possible.

Generator Systems testimonial

As a Sales Manager it’s wonderful. I can now monitor what’s happening with the client while the tour is in progress.

We in the industry spend countless hours discussing sales practises. Now for the first time management has a method to design a sales presentation, modify its content at will and monitor each sales representative’s performance while the presentation is in progress. What a feeling to know that your client is receiving accurate infonnation using a professional, interactive and entertaining selling system.

What I’ve found with the sales teams is renewed enthusiasm; they’re dying to get their clients into the podium because they’re closing 4o% of the people that they get in. Our owners love it, they like the feeling that they’re not being sold to but having something very carefully explained to them.

With Generator you find the audience reaction is much better, they can really get involved in seeing how it can affect them personally, not just generally.”

What really excites me are the management and counselling capabilities it offers. Generator in illy opinion really understand the process of making the sale and are more than willing to work with you to tailor the product to your needs.”

We are 100% behind this system and committed to taking it to the next step.

The owners love it. They like to have a feeling that they’re not being sold to but they’re having something very, very, carefully explained to them by a professional.

As a multi-media system Generator is a key element in enabling us to consistently deliver a uniform message whilst at the same time making sure that our clients have an enjoyable and exciting sales experience. We have found that it’s the perfect environment for ensuring that our customer’s perception matches the delivered product.

Generator Systems testimonials

If I had this (Generator) six years prior, I’d have been a much wealthier man.

The whole company’s taken it on board, I’ve never seen such enthusiasm so I am getting a great buzx from this. I, really enjoying my work and my business, it’s very exciting when you can see yourself going forward in a really progressive way.

I couldn’t have done it without generator, it makes everything so clear and easy for the customer to understand and I don’t miss anything out.

Generator is the best thing I’ve seen in sales ever. You know we’ve tried everything, been everywhere and there’s not an avenue in marketing we haven’t explored. This is the be. This is absolutely the best.

I think that the multi-media they have for presenting first time sales or customer upgrades is superb, every sale person’s dream.

It will certainly turn the sales presentation into a much better experience for everyone and allows the client to get more involved and gain a better understanding of the product.