The Generator Presenter Sales System has been around since 2000 – but just as today’s modern smartphone or tablet looks nothing like a clunky big old PC; today’s Generator System looks nothing like its ancestors.

Salespeople simply love using the system. They know it makes them so much more productive and able to close many more deals. It is simple to use, responsive, fast and beautiful. Sales Management know that all sales staff will make a consistent presentation and that presentation is based on “best in class”. They also appreciate the detailed usage monitoring (metrics) that is part of Generator.

Generator has set the pace since 2000, but today’s vision is no less ambitious.

We continue to invest in the future to ensure that whatever emerges we will be there and will keep all our clients one step ahead.

Looks amazing. Salespeople love using it. Easy to use. Fast. Does what you can’t do. Builds trust. Creates desire. Crystal clear clarity. Consumers love it. Enhances management control. Increases consistency. Increases compliance.